Getting out of System Pause on your Theradome




What to do if you’re getting a ‘System Paused’ message on your helmet?

In normal operation, you should press the master switch once very briefly for one second to turn on the helmet. You’ll hear a voice read out ‘Ready for treatment. Place on head.’

If you’re receiving a ‘System Paused’ message on the helmet, it means the master switch was held down a little too long. What you need to do to get out of the ‘System Paused’ state is this.

Step 01. Plug the charger into a power outlet and then into the helmet. The helmet will say ‘System Resumed’. Step 02. Once you hear ‘System Resumed’, please unplug the charger. You’re ready to go.

Step 03. Press the master switch for one second to start a treatment.

If you’re unable to get out of the ‘System Paused’ state, please contact us at 855 549 6757 or email us at for further instructions.