Theradome Post Presentation Quiz

What is the leading cause of hair loss? *

What types of lasers are most effective when using Laser Phototherapy? *

How do the LH-80 Pro lasers differ from the competition? *

What is the most effective wavelength for LPT? *

What is the wavelength of the LH-80 Pro versus our competitor's devices? *

Joules are the same thing as Energy Density. True or False *

Heat can damage the hair follicle. True or False *

In order for LPT to be effective, the laser needs to be absorbed 4-6 mm into the follicle? True or False *

Theradome has a 1 year free warranty that covers defects in workmanship, what other warranties does Theradome offer? Describe *

Always have the patient call Theradome customer care for any issues or questions they may have. True or False *