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If you are considering starting laser hair therapy to treat or prevent hair loss, you may find yourself sifting through a mountain of research. You may also notice a lot of brands throwing around highly technical terms without any explanations.

In truth, the most important factor to take into account is unlikely to be listed in the features of an LLLT device. What if we told you that laser hair therapy’s one true goal is to revive your cell’s mitochondria? You’d probably laugh it off, maybe even pretend that you knew what we were talking about. In reality, you are wasting both your time and your money with LLLT if it doesn’t achieve this.

What are Mitochondria and Why Do They Matter for Hair Loss?

So first, what are we referring to when we speak of mitochondria? If you know your biology, you know the answer. If not, no need to fret or enlist back into school. All human cells (including hair cells) need energy to function optimally. Organelles called mitochondria are what generate the energy.  Think of anything that requires energy to function, such as your car. It won’t get you anywhere without a proper engine. Likewise, a hair cell without any mitochondria is pretty much useless.

Are you starting to put the pieces together? If you’re suffering from hair loss, then your hair cells aren’t functioning optimally. If your hair cells are compromised, then it’s the mitochondria’s fault. While you may be also partially to blame for the organelles’ suffering, one truth remains. You must bring your mitochondria back to life to reverse hair loss at the cellular level.

What You Need to Know About Your Mitochondria and Laser Hair Therapy Devices

However, you likely haven’t seen “Revives Mitochondria! Buy NOW” on any laser hair therapy websites. Certainly not for gimmicks that were once combs in their past life. For the most part, LLLT companies tout the number of diode lasers as their most important feature. Or sometimes even worse, pititful LEDS, which are an immediate red flag to any savvy shopper.

If you’re lucky, you might learn about a device’s wavelength or power output. Even then, where does that fit into our cellular tale of resuscitation?

Here’s what you need to know. Every LLLT unit has a few that together have the possibility to revive your mitochondria. You just need to give them the right energy dosage, just like you treat any other type of ailment with a precise dose of medicine.

If you think back to your science class days, you may remember that energy is power multiplied by time. So treatment time is another key factor. If any product claims to work in “4 to 30 second treatments” that’s another red flag.

The Best Laser Hair Therapy Device

That’s why it’s important to select an LLLT device that is manufactured using rigorous scientific standards and that focuses on what is required to revive the mitochondria of hair cells. With the correct power output, wavelength, and treatment time, coherent laser light will penetrate the scalp at the required depth and irradiate the base of hair follicles with an optimal amount of energy. Hurray– your mitochondria is now saved!

A likely scenario when it comes to hair loss is that your hair follicles are no longer receiving an adequate blood supply of nutrients. And yes, nutrients are equivalent to energy. So with LLLT, the heart and soul of your hair cells becomes fully functional, and your hair cells can now receive proper energy. Indeed: light energy converts into chemical energy which fuels the prosperous and healthy growth of your hair.

Feel free to skip the Internet headaches and save on aspirin costs. With its 80 proprietary lasers optimized at a wavelength of 678 nm, the Theradome LH80 PRO delivers an optimal dosage of energy straight to the root of the problem (literally and figuratively). Twenty minutes of a single treatment irradiates the base of hair follicles and revives their irreplaceable source of energy: the Great and Powerful Mitochondria.


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