Theradome PRO and EVO User Manual

Theradome User Manual
Theradome User Manual

When Charging:

Press and release to hear a voice readout of your number of completed treatments.

(See “Lifetime Counter Reader” section, pg. 17).

Press and hold for 2-4 seconds to hear a voice readout of the firmware revision level.

Non-Charging, Sleep Mode:

Press and hold for 4 seconds to enter deep sleep mode for shipping and/or long-term storage; resume normal operation by connecting the charger.

Treatment Mode:

Press the master switch for 1 second (without holding it down) to turn on the helmet.

Your helmet will say “Ready for treatment, place on head”.

Double click to change voice volume. Choices are HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, and MUTE.

System Paused Mode:

Connect the helmet to the charger and plug charger into an outlet. Helmet will say, “System resumed.”

Unplug the charger and press the master switch button to start a treatment.

During Charge

battery low, charging
Battery low;

battery charging

charge near completion
Charge near

charging complete
Dim green,

USB port has lost power or battery is depleted and requires replacing
Blinking Orange**:
Charge adapter;
USB port has lost power or battery
is depleted and requires replacing.

During Treatment

Pulsing* bright green:
Standby mode; place on head as verbally

Solid bright green:
Treatment in progress.

Pulsing orange:
Treatment paused due to anomaly – e.g.: treatment
error; press to retry.

Blinking red:
Battery was replaced or new firmware was installed,
causing system reset; press to resume.

* turns on/off in ½ sec intervals
** short bursts every 2 sec

theradome treatment counter
Lifetime Treatment Counter

The lifetime treatment counter tracks all completed sessions. Use the lifetime counter to monitor the number of treatment sessions that you have completed to date.

Access the counter by pressing the master switch while your
device is charging. You will hear a voice readout of your total
completed treatments.

Treatment Mode

Press the master switch to initiate treatment. Place the helmet on your head. Lights will turn on and treatment will begin.

Removing the helmet from your head will pause the current treatment. You have up to 5 minutes to resume the treatment before a session is terminated.

Turning Off

The unit automatically turns off when the treatment is completed. To abort a current session, press and hold the master switch.

Step 1: Charge the Theradome for 2-3 hours before use
Plug the AC adapter into an outlet that will allow the Theradome to sit upright in a secure location, as shown on the left.
Attach the USB cable end to the AC adapter. Please remember to use an accessible outlet to charge the Theradome should you need to disconnect it in case of a hazardous situation.
Attach the micro-USB cable end to the correct outlet. This outlet is located under the master switch in the rear of the Theradome.
Charging the Theradome will depend on your frequency of treatments. If you are a frequent user, we recommend charging your helmet after every 4 to 5 treatment sessions, or after receiving a battery low warning. If you plan on conducting infrequent treatments, please keep your helmet charged at all times so that you can perform sessions as needed.
Step 2: Prepare your scalp for treatment.

For maximum effect, wash and towel dry your hair right before treatment. Then, use a comb or brush to expose the areas of your scalp most affected by hair loss so that they get direct exposure to the laser light. Damp hair is recommended because it is easier to comb and position, and many people style their hair when dry to cover the areas where it is thinning and most in need of treatment.

However, while damp hair is recommended, Theradome is still 100% effective whether your hair is dry or damp. Do not use Theradome with wet hair to prevent water from getting into the device.

Step 3: Begin your treatment session.
Briefly press the master switch of your fully charged Theradome to enter treatment mode. Place the Theradome on your head to begin treatment.

Step 4: Enjoy your treatment session.
You can enjoy light activities during your treatment such as browsing the Internet or watching TV. Avoid more rigorous activities such as jogging.

Press the master switch during treatment to hear a voice readout indicating the remaining time of your current session. Removing the helmet from your head will pause the current treatment. You have up to 5 minutes to resume the treatment before a session is terminated. Theradome turns off automatically when the treatment is completed. To abort a current session, press and hold the master switch.

Step 5: Following treatment, remember to:
Remove the device from your head. Plug in the charger and attach the micro-USB cable to the charging port.

Apply hair products as desired.

  • Use indoors; the device is not designed for outdoor use.
  • Use only on dry or damp hair; do not use on wet hair.
  • The Theradome lights operate best in a cool environment (68° F / 20°C).
  • Only apply topical scalp or hair products after a Theradome treatment, as opposed to before.
  • Expose your scalp by brushing and parting your hair prior to treatment.
  • Do not discontinue any existing hair/scalp regimens when starting Theradome treatments. Consult your physician to design a plan to reduce dosage over time.
  • Do not pause your Theradome during treatment.
  • Overuse and underuse may decrease the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Take monthly photos of your hair growth and scalp, under consistent lighting, positioning and hair conditions to track progress.
  • Remain committed and be patient!

For best resultsTreatment Stages of the Theradome PRO and Theradome EVO
Based on clinical trials, the diagrams below illustrate the progression most people can anticipate when performing the recommended amount of treatments per week.

Progressive stages when PRO is used for two 20-minute sessions per week and when EVO is used for four 20-minute sessions per week

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