Understanding the effectiveness of Theradome and the quantity of lasers it uses

The Theradome PRO LH80 contains 80 medical grade 680 nanometer lasers and the Theradome EVO LH40 contains 40 of the same medical grade lasers. Theradome’s 680 nanometer wavelength delivers the strongest dose available for the deepest penetration to the hair follicle. This is why Theradome is recommended by over 6500 hair restoration clinics globally. 

The quality of lasers are more important than the quantity of them. Other laser devices on the market add LEDs mixed with lasers to be able to claim more overall lights. However, LED lights spread out and doesn’t have the narrow focus and follicle penetration that lasers do, causing less effective results.

Why Theradome’s USA manufacture is important

We are the only laser hair growth company that “grows” our own lasers here in Silicon Valley, California. Our competitors buy their lasers from China and the only wavelength China makes is 650nm. Theradome operates at the proven wavelength for regrowing hair at 680nm. 680nm is optimal because the higher the wavelength, the deeper the penetration of red light to the papilla and the bulge, two areas which are crucial for hair growth.

Does Theradome cause thinning hair and/or hair shedding?

The Theradome has zero side effects and does not cause shedding. It has been tested extensively for FDA clearance: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf17/K171775.pdf. You can read our blog post here: https://www.theradome.com/does-laser-hair-therapy-cause-shedding/. It explains that laser hair therapy does not cause shedding and helps you understand the hair growth cycle.

Also, shedding normally occurs twice a year for humans and sometimes massive shedding is a cause of diet, a change in hormones, or an underlying medical condition. If you are using Minoxidil, that may be a reason for your shedding as that is one of their side effects.  Please see our blog on hair shedding:


What are the dimensions of the Theradome helmet and what are the shipping box dimensions?

The shipping box containing the helmet is 3.6 lbs and 13.5″ long x 9.5″ wide x 7″ tall.
The dimensions of the carry case is: 12″ long x 9″ wide x 5.5″ tall.
The dimensions of the helmet are approximately 10.5” long x 6” wide x 5” high.
The helmet itself is smaller than that and weighs about 1 pound.

The Theradome units are shipped in a plain cardboard box with absolutely no labelling as many of our customers want these delivered to their workplace as we do have a signature required with our carriers such as UPS.

The helmet was engineered to fit 98% of the world’s population. The Theradome fits heads sizes up to 61.8cm. Optional foam pads are provided to create a more secure fit for smaller head sizes, but these are not necessary for the success of therapeutic effects.

Foam pads are provided for a comfortable fit, but a loose fit isn’t cause for concern. For best results, we’ve designed a comfortable fit enabling customers to SIT STILL during treatment. Activities such as browsing the Internet, watching TV or reading are perfectly compatible, but vigorous physical activity should be avoided during each 20-minute treatment session.

How to use Theradome

Here is a link to our user guide: Theradome User Guide

Quick Start Guide:

1. Charge your Theradome fully

2. Insert foam pads

3. Be sure to have clean hair and scalp

4. Put on your Theradome

5. Press the master switch and vioce guided treatments will play. Double click the master switch to adjust the volume

6. Theradome will turn off automatically when your treatment is complete after 20 minutes. The Theradome voice guide will also advise you

7. Put your Theradome safely back in its case

8. Be consistent and patient!