Registering your Theradome Helmet

Steps to register your helmet:

1. please go to our warranty registration page  

2. fill out the form and submit

3. it will take you to the warranty registration page which asks you to enter the SN#

4. then it will ask you enter purchase date

5. then it will ask you to enter where you purchased it from (ex. Amazon)

6. then you will click on register If you already have an account with us, you can log into your account and then follow the steps from steps 4-7

Can you purchase Theradome through Amazon?

Thanks for your interest in Theradome. The Theradome Official Store on Amazon is an authorized seller.

All Amazon buyers from our official store are covered by our 6-month money back guarantee and our 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. We are confident that in 6 months if the Theradome is used as recommended, you will be happy with your hair health and growth. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, simply reach out to us within 30 days of your 6-month purchase anniversary and you can claim a refund. Don’t forget to register your Theradome warranty after your purchase. Steps are provided in your purchase confirmation email.

Occasionally, an unauthorized seller of Theradome appears on Amazon and so when checking out, please be sure that you are purchasing from the Theradome Official Store in order to be covered.

How do you purchase the Domecare extended warranty?

Please log in to your account

If you have not created an account yet and cannot log in, please create an account first by clicking on “Create an account” using the link above.

Please make sure to create the account using the same email that your helmet is registered under Add the Domecare to your cart.

Enter your helmet serial number in the serial number field. Process checkout.

Can I finance Theradome?

We offer easy, low-cost payments, available through our partnership with Affirm. Through their “split pay” service, Affirm offers consumer payment plans at costs much lower than credit card interest rates. Using Affirms “split pay” service, you can pay for purchases over a multiple-month instalment plan.

For purchases made with Affirm, Theradome requires that all delivery and credit card billing addresses are within the U.S.

For questions about payment plans available through Affirm, please contact Affirm customer service at or call Affirm on (855) 423-3729.

Is Theradome FDA cleared and approved?

The Theradome helmets are FDA cleared for both men and women.

An FDA clearance is required for Class II medical devices, such as hair growth laser helmets. The FDA does not “approve” medical devices but clears them. The term “FDA approved” is not recognized by the FDA and has been a misused term by the media.