Is there an optimal candidate for Theradome to get the best results?

The Theradome is FDA cleared for those who are at least 18 years old. A good candidate for laser phototherapy (LPT) is for someone who is suffering from hair loss. This could be someone with a receding hairline, or looking to strengthen their current hair. The Theradome is designed to effectively treat the earlier stages of hair loss. On the Norwood and Savin scales, this is I-1 to II-2 for women and IIA to V for men.

Additionally, you are a good candidate for the Theradome if you lead a busy life, don’t have time to visit a clinic twice or week, or would like to save on clinical strength hair loss treatments.

Hamilton-Norwood Scale

Male Hair Loss Classification

Male Hair Loss Classification

Theradome PRO and EVO are FDA cleared to effectively and safely treat hair loss levels IIa, III, IIIa, III vertex, IV, IVa and V

Ludwig-Savin Scale

Female Hair Loss Classification

Female Hair Loss Classification

Theradome PRO and EVO are FDA cleared to effectively and safely treat hair loss levels I-1, I-2, I-3, I-4, II-1, II-2 and frontal hair loss

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Is it important for hair and scalp to be clean when using Theradome?

clean scalp


Theradome can be used at anytime without usage limitations. Some people prefer early morning, some people prefer to use while they’re eating breakfast, at work, after work before they go to bed. To get a ‘power treatment’ possibly once a week, use after a shower on a clean scalp for maximum effectiveness. However you can use with products such as hair spray or Minoxidil without a problem.

How to use Theradome | Instruction Manual

how to use theradome

The Theradome is very simple to use. Use the PRO LH80 2x a week (every 3 days) for 20 minutes and the EVO LH40 4x a week (ever other day) for 20 minutes.

Step 1: Charge your helmet for 3 hours.

When charging the Theradome, the Master Switch light will change as follows:

• Fade Red-Orange – Battery low; charging.

• Fade Orange-Yellow – Battery charging.

• Fade Yellow Green – Charging near completion.

• Green – Helmet fully charged.

Step 2: Press the master switch quickly (not more than 1 second) to initiate treatment. If you do hold it down for too long, you will hear ‘System paused”. To get out of system paused, Click here

Step 3: Place the helmet on your head and the treatment will begin automatically.

Step 4: The helmet has a built-in speaker that will provide voice command updating you on the status of your treatment.

Step 5: After 20 minutes, the Theradome will automatically turn off when the treatment is completed.

You can enjoy light activities during your treatment such as browsing the web, watching TV, or reading a book.

Here is an online version of our instruction manual:



How long should you continue Theradome maintenance treatment?

Healthy hair is like brushing your teeth or applying lotion for supple skin. Theradome maintenance treatments should be continued to maintain healthy hair and continual growth. Once you achieve the desired results, we recommend a maintenance treatment schedule of two 20-minute sessions per week for the Theradome PRO LH80 and four 20-minute sessions per week for the Theradome EVO LH40. Laser hair therapy is similar to exercise – you have to integrate it in your lifestyle to continue enjoying the benefits. You can go about 4 weeks before the process of reversing LPT benefits begin to take effect.

How do hair growth cycles work?

hair growth cycles


The average human scalp consists of about 100,000 hairs. Normal, healthy hair is constantly growing in cycles. Hair growth cycles go through three important phases: a growing phase, a transitional phase, and a resting phase. The length of the growing phase represents a hair’s life cycle. During the transitional phase, a hair transitions to the resting phase. In the resting phase, hair does not grow at all. At any one time, 90% of scalp hairs are actively growing, while 10% are resting. Hair typically cycles through growth and rest with eventual random shedding. Large amounts of hair loss at any one time does not occur in healthy people. It can occur if you have an underlying medical condition. Healthy hair follicles are fed by the bloodstream. This carries nutrients required to generate new hair growth and sustain a healthy hair growth cycle.

When hair begins to degenerate, the lifecycle of a hair gets shorter and shorter. This causes hair to fall out more rapidly. The new hair that grows back becomes thinner and thinner every time. Theradome not only increases the length of the growing phase, but it also increases the thickness of new hair growth. Typically hair shafts double in size.

Hair can begin to degenerate for a myriad of reasons– genetics, age, stress, pregnancy, hormone imbalances, and many other factors that can burden the body. The body was designed to survive. It will instinctively redirect nutrients and attention from hair whenever necessary to provide extra sustenance to vital systems. These include the heart, lungs, and immune system that need attention. While you check these important medical issues, Theradome can maintain your hair by stimulating the scalp with an outside source of energy, exciting the mitochondria of the hair follicle cells with light energy, and increasing blood flow to the scalp by up to 54%. Both of these responses– added blood flow and cell stimulation– create the perfect recipe for hair growth. When the mitochondria in the cells are stimulated, they can more easily uptake the nutrients provided by the increased blood flow.

What is the difference with continuous vs. pulsed lasers?

The lasers on our Theradome helmets have continuous laser beams which means the maximum dosage is delivered without interruption. Some laser products pulse their beams turning on and off which means they deliver a fraction of the dosage. This is usually to manage their heat. Theradome lasers are cool and constant.

Understanding low-level light therapy (LLLT)



Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT), first developed in 1967. It is commonly used to promote wound healing and reduce inflammation. It acts through the photostimulation of cells involved in the human body’s repair process. Unlike industrial lasers that use high heat, low-level laser light, does not cut, burn or otherwise damage human tissue. And unlike common light bulbs or LED lights, laser light does not disperse. The ability to concentrate cold laser light within a small diameter allows the light to focus its energy on a specific target.

Will Theradome work on my problem areas?

Theradome treatment areas

Theradome will thicken and increase hair volume throughout the entire scalp, including any problem areas that you may have. However, any spots that are “shiny” on your scalp indicate that hair follicles are buried under a layer of skin. Laser Phototherapy will not be effective for those areas. For these cases, we recommend a combination of hair restoration surgery and laser hair therapy.

Read here for more information about shiny scalps

When is it best to start using the helmet – is it ever too early?

The Theradome is FDA cleared for ages 18+ for men and women. It is never too early to use the Theradome since it helps with various stages of hair loss and will add volume to your hair, even if you haven’t yet experienced major hair loss. The Theradome can also be used as a preventative measure or simple for maintenance of healthy hair.