Does Theradome generate heat during use?

Unlike industrial lasers that use high heat, low-level laser light, which comprises cool or cold lasers, do not cut, burn or otherwise damage human tissue. The Theradome heat management system makes it possible to deliver the optimal level of laser therapy. Devices that don’t manage heat compromise on dosage by having to pulse or flash on and off.

Is there an optimal candidate for Theradome to get the best results?

The Theradome is FDA cleared for those who are at least 18 years old. A good candidate for laser phototherapy (LPT) is for someone who is suffering from hair loss. This could be someone with a receding hairline, or looking to strengthen their current hair. The Theradome is designed to effectively treat the earlier stages of hair loss. On the Norwood and Savin scales, this is I-1 to II-2 for women and IIA to V for men.

Additionally, you are a good candidate for the Theradome if you lead a busy life, don’t have time to visit a clinic twice or week, or would like to save on clinical strength hair loss treatments.


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Is it important for hair and scalp to be clean when using Theradome?

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Theradome can be used at anytime without usage limitations. Some people prefer early morning, some people prefer to use while they’re eating breakfast, at work, after work before they go to bed. To get a ‘power treatment’ possibly once a week, use after a shower on a clean scalp for maximum effectiveness. However you can use with products such as hair spray or Minoxidil without a problem.

How to measure results and progress when using Theradome – before and after pictures

theradome pictures

It’s important to take before and after pictures when tracking the progress of your laser helmet treatments.

For best results, maintain consistency in positioning, lighting, and camera angle for all photos. Avoid using the camera’s flash or fluorescent lighting. Set the camera to autofocus and have a friend or loved one take the picture – no selfies!

Hair should be styled in the same way while documenting your progress and you should check photos for clarity and focus before concluding a photo session. Learn more here.

Can Theradome be used on wet or damp hair?

You can use Theradome at at any time. Use your Theradome when your hair is damp to maximize laser phototherapy treatment. It should not be wet and be towel-dried (not blow-dried) right after a shower. This isolates thinning areas on your scalp by combing and exposing those areas that might not be accessible when dry. Exposing those areas of your scalp will provide more light and dosage to those areas. You do not need to wet your hair every time. Also, we recommend your hair being damp versus wet since this is an electronic device and excess water could get into the electronics as our helmet is not water proof. Therefore, removing excess water from your hair will reduce the risk of electrical issues with your device.

Please read our blog about SHOULD YOUR HAIR BE WET, DAMP, OR DRY

Shampoo and hair regimens with Theradome

Since hair loss is often associated with inflammation and fungus, we recommend shampooing with medicated and anti-fungal shampoos to clean the hair, reduce inflammation of the scalp, and kill any fungus loads.

Theradome works better when inflammation and fungus is controlled as these conditions interferes with hair growth process and will take longer than usual.

Here is an example of a medicated shampoo:

It is recommended by many trichologists who are experts in hair that you should shampoo your hair every two or three days. Shampooing every day tends to irritate the scalp, especially with the wrong shampoo. Shampooing once a week causes too much build up of fungus and inflammation, therefore every two or three says is optimal.

Inflammation or fungus can only be properly diagnosed by a physician / Dermatologist and acute or chronic cases of inflammation or fungus should be managed with medicated shampoos or topicals.

What is Theradome’s laser class?

Our helmets have class 3R lasers. We are the only company on the market that uses proprietary lasers. The Theradome PRO LH80 contains 80 proprietary VL680 lasers. The Theradome EVO LH40 contains 40 proprietary VL680 lasers. Our lasers are the only lasers on the market that deliver the optimal wavelength for the deepest penetration to the hair follicle and maximum power to stop hair loss and promote hair growth.