How do I shut down the helmet for long term storage to save the battery, maximize Theradome battery life?

We recommend you remove the battery from the helmet if you do not use it for 30 days or longer. The battery should never be drained down to zero, always keep the battery charged at a minimum of 1 hour.

When storing the battery, it’s important to keep it in the driest and coolest place in your home. Never put the battery in the refrigerator or freezer. We also recommend storing the helmet in a dry and cool place as well and away from direct or indirect sunlight with or without batteries.

Here’s our blog article on how to maximize your Theradome battery life:

Should I increase Theradome usage over time

If you would like to start off your treatment with more laser phototherapy sessions, it is safe to do so. Just allow at least a12-hour break in between each session. This will help you get more effective results to reverse miniaturization, reverse hair shedding, and promote new hair growth. Once you achieve your desired results, you can decrease the number of sessions, but don’t stop. Laser hair therapy is similar to exercise – you have to integrate into your lifestyle to continue enjoying its benefits.

Can I stop mid-treatment? What will happen if I pause treatment?

To pause the treatment, take the theradome off of your head and the theradome will automatically pause for up to 5 minutes. Once you put it back on your head, the treatment will resume. If you do not put it back on within the 5 minutes then the theradome will automatically shut off. Also the treatment counter will not advance as the theradome is always looking for a full treatment of 20 minutes to advance the treatment counter.

Do I need to rotate, does it reach all the areas of my scalp?

Each time you wear the Theradome the lasers are hitting slightly different parts of your scalp. But the way lasers work, once they hit the scalp, each laser beam spreads out, similar to water hitting a sponge, so it absorbs then scatters. Therefore you do not have to worry about trying to move the Theradome around to try to hit all the spots on your scalp.  After 20 minutes, all the laser light will have spread fully around your scalp as well as penetrated deep within your scalp to hit the hair follicles.

What’s the best age to use Theradome?

The growth rate of our hair decreases as we age. While aging can be a hair loss factor, underlying conditions can also be the cause of hair loss. Some of these include diabetes, iron or protein, or vitamin deficiency. Some medications induce hair loss such as gout treatments, blood thinners, anti-depressants,  psoriasis treatment, anti-arrhythmia drugs, or if you have had chemotherapy treatments.

So be sure you are clear from underlying medical conditions that might prevent hair growth. Laser hair therapy can then help to reduce hair loss and grow new hair at any age. A good candidate for laser phototherapy (LPT) is for someone who is suffering from hair loss, a receding hairline, or looking to strengthen their current hair. Theradome treats the earlier stages of hair loss. I-1 to II-2 for women on the Savin Scale and IIA to V for men on the Norwood Scale.

Hamilton-Norwood Scale

Male Hair Loss Classification

Male Hair Loss Classification

Theradome PRO and EVO are FDA cleared to effectively and safely treat hair loss levels IIa, III, IIIa, III vertex, IV, IVa and V

Ludwig-Savin Scale

Female Hair Loss Classification

Female Hair Loss Classification

Theradome PRO and EVO are FDA cleared to effectively and safely treat hair loss levels I-1, I-2, I-3, I-4, II-1, II-2 and frontal hair loss

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Scalp coverage of Theradome PRO and Theradome EVO

Theradome PRO focuses coverage on the center of scalp. 20% of lasers focus on both sides of the scalp 20% are dedicated for the back of the scalp. 40% for the center of the scalp 20% for the front of the scalp. EVO lasers are also focused on the center of the scalp. This is the laser configuration; 20% of lasers are dedicated for both sides of the scalp, 20% are dedicated for the back of the scalp. 40% for the center of the scalp 20% for the front of the scalp.

Both PRO and EVO lasers will scatter and absorb their laser beams towards the sides. Main considerations in design: Never overlap laser beams as this would provide too much dosage and would not be effective Lasers act like water faucet hitting a dry sponge. Lasers scatter after a few minutes and spread out Lasers need 20 minutes to maximize absorption and transmission, any less would not be effective and more is too much energy