How does Theradome prevent hair loss


Laser hair therapy is well known (and well documented!) for treating hair loss effectively, provided you use a high-quality laser light therapy device.

However, did you know that laser light therapy can also prevent hair loss in the first place? Discover how a laser hair therapy helmet might help you avoid the hassles and heartache of hair loss.

Understanding Your Hair Growth Cycle

To know why and how, you have to understand the hair growth cycle. A healthy growth cycle consists of three phases: the active phase, called anagen; the transitional phase, called catagen; and the resting phase, called telogen.

Hairs in the anagen phase are in the growth phase, so they are actively growing. This phase typically lasts 2 to 6 years. However, genetics, stress levels, and environmental facts can play a role. If you’re lucky you’ll hit the 6-year mark. And if most of your family has thinning hair, chances are yours is closer to the 2-year mark.

No matter when the transition occurs, your hair then enters the catagen phase. This is far shorter and only lasts 2 to 3 weeks. During this phase, hair follicles lose their blood supply.



Since your blood supplies nutrients essential for hair growth and health, this is the beginning of the end. The hair then enters the telogen phase, also known as the execution phase. It takes about 2 to 3 months for a hair to fully die and unfortunately, there’s no going (or growing!) back once it reaches this stage. However, just like the circle of life, a new hair follicle forms in its place! Or at least, it should.


When Hair Loss Occurs

That is, unless you’re suffering from hair loss. Normally, only about 10% of your hair should be dying (or should already be dead). Translation: only 10% of your hair should either be in catagen or telogen. The rest of your healthy head should be in full anagen bloom. Signs of baldness begin to show when your hair growth cycle is, to put it in simple terms, not functioning at it should. So if you’re beginning to use a hand mirror to perform 360° inspections of your scalp in the bathroom, your hairs may have been kicked out of their anagen comfort zone and may be starting to loiter in catagen and telogen.



Want a concrete example of the hair growth cycle? Think of the “comb-over” hairstyle. If you’re losing hair in a particular area, such as the top of your head, then these hairs have a much shorter hair growth cycle than the rest of your scalp. A man sporting a comb-over hairdo has much longer hairs on the sides of his head, which permits him to comb them all the way across his problematic areas– (probably with excessive amounts of gel). This means these hairs have been granted a longer anagen phase than their less fortunate, top-of-the-scalp compatriots.

Okay– so where does laser hair therapy come in? How does it affect the hair growth cycle? And how can the Theradome prevent hair loss?
Technologically advanced laser hair therapy devices, such as the FDA-cleared Theradome LH80 PRO, do something that no other hair loss/thickening medication or product can do: the Theradome actually tweaks the hair growth cycle to your advantage. When applied to hairs at the start of anagen, the Theradome’s 80 proprietary lasers extend the growth phase, while hairs at the end of their growth phase enter the transitional catagen phase at an increased speed, in order to accelerate the birth of a new hair follicle. This allows catagen hairs to enter the telogen rest phase at an accelerated pace, which forces telogen hairs to shed faster, allowing a new, healthy hair follicle to form and flourish with an elongated growth phase that reaches the 6-year boundary.

With the Theradome by your side, and a brand new optimized hair growth cycle, you’re ready to affront and prevent whatever might cause your hair to dive into telogen– whether it be a temporary medical condition, shedding season, work-related stress, or what genetically lies ahead.