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Does Theradome cause thinning hair and/or hair shedding?

The Theradome has zero side effects and does not cause shedding. It has been tested extensively for FDA clearance: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf17/K171775.pdf. You can read our blog post here: https://www.theradome.com/does-laser-hair-therapy-cause-shedding/. It explains that laser hair therapy does not cause shedding and helps you understand the hair growth cycle.

Also, shedding normally occurs twice a year for humans and sometimes massive shedding is a cause of diet, a change in hormones, or an underlying medical condition. If you are using Minoxidil, that may be a reason for your shedding as that is one of their side effects.  Please see our blog on hair shedding: