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    Everything you ever wanted to know about Theradome and laser hair growth!

Black hair growth

Hair Color and Hair Growth

Theradome is effective on all hair colors. Regarding skin color, we do not currently have documented clinical trials for the darkest skin tone shades on the Fitzpatrick scale, or skin tones in ranges 5 & 6. The reason is simply because we lacked the necessary subjects in our last clinical study. We only had 13 participants with darker skin tone. The FDA would not allow us to include the higher end of the pigment chart without a minimum number of 22 people. This clinical study was conducted in an area that had a low demographic of darker skinned people.

The good news is that subjects with darker pigmentation have experienced better results with Theradome. This is due to the fact darker tones absorb laser light more readily. In fact, our CEO and inventor of the Theradome helmet has a medium to dark complexion. Additionally, many of our testimonials come from darker-skinned customers.

black hair growth