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    Everything you ever wanted to know about Theradome and laser hair growth!

What’s the best age to use Theradome?

The growth rate of our hair decreases as we age. While aging can be a hair loss factor, underlying conditions can also be the cause of hair loss. Some of these include diabetes, iron or protein or vitamin deficiency. Some medications induce hair loss such as gout treatments, blood thinners, anti-depressants,  psoriasis teratments, anti-arryhthmia drugs or if you have had chemotherapy treatments.

So be sure you are clear from underlying medical conditions that might prevent hair growth. Laser hair therapy can then help to reduce hair loss and grow new hair at any age. A good candidate for laser phototherapy (LPT) is for someone who is suffering from hair loss, a receding hairline, or looking to strengthen their current hair. Theradome treats the earlier stages of hair loss. I-1 to II-2 for women on the Savin Scale and IIA to V for men on the Norwood Scale.

Savin Scale | Norwood Scale
The Norwood Scales and The Savin Scales are graphic representations of the progression and patterns that male and female pattern baldness take over time.