Can biotin help with hair loss


You’ve probably heard of biotin before– that elusive vitamin often found in hair, skin, and nail supplements. People often tout biotin supplements as a must-have for healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

However, is this true?

Why Biotin is Beneficial for Healthy Hair

The answer isn’t completely straightforward. Biotin is a B-vitamin–although funnily enough it is known as vitamin H. It is crucial for cell growth and cell energy production. This is why many believe it supports hair growth.

And, it has in fact been shown to make hair grow longer and faster.

So it really IS in hair growth products for good reason. Unfortunately, many of the “fancier” products on the market combine biotin with a long list of useless ingredients and charge an arm and a leg. (Stay away from these!) Instead, you can pick up a bottle of biotin at your local pharmacy for only about $10.

Can Biotin Help with Hair Loss?

Ok, time for the bad news. There are no clinical studies validating that biotin alone can help restore your hair after hair loss. While it can help prevent future hair loss by deterring hormones and chemicals that cause hair loss, it cannot help you regrow hair by itself.

Looks like we’re missing a piece of the puzzle. So how do we fill out the equation? Biotin + WHAT = GREAT HAIR LOSS REGIMEN? As it turns out, incorporating a dose of biotin while dosing the base of your hair follicles with laser energy can work wonders. That’s right­– we’re talking about the powers of combining biotin with laser hair growth therapy.

Laser hair growth therapy, as you might know, is a 100% natural solution to hair loss and is backed up by decades of clinical research that prove its efficacy to 1) minimize shedding, 2) promote new hair growth and 3) thicken the shaft of hair. It’s pretty much a no-brainer to start combining a daily dose of biotin with weekly doses of laser energy, so anyone wishing to reverse or even prevent hair loss shouldn’t hesitate to begin Theradome treatments in conjunction with taking biotin supplements.