Prepare for Shedding Season in Four Easy Steps

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Hair may have been necessary eons ago in the Cro-Magnon era as we camouflaged ourselves in the wild or fought harsh weather conditions, but fortunately today this is no longer the case. Today we want hair to be attractive. Unless you’re the hunchback of Notre Dame, reflecting an image of vigor, youth, health and confidence is probably just as important to you as it is to us.


How Much Does Hair Loss Really Cost?

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So you want hair but you don’t want to go bankrupt. Doesn’t hair restoration involve spending a ridiculous amount of money? A lot of times, when people begin experiencing early stages of female or male pattern baldness, they resign themselves to living in the footsteps of their hair thinning relatives. Why? Let’s face it: dealing with messy topical hair loss treatments or taking prescription pills with potential harmful side effects isn’t very appealing. And although laser hair therapy is a clinically proven, 100% effective and natural hair restoration solution, most people think it is much too expensive. But is that really the case? And what about hair restoration surgery? How much should you be paying for a full head of thick and healthy hair?


Could Laser Hair Therapy Help Breast Cancer Patients With Hair Loss?

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Breast cancer is the second cancer (after skin cancer) with which American women are diagnosed. According to the reputable, non-profit organization, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer during the course of her life. While there are too many factors at play to really narrow the causes, some scientists speculate that genes and lifestyle factors can sometimes play a role.


Are Laser Hair Therapy Devices Becoming as Common as Hairdryers?

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Ladies, we all love having thick, luxurious hair. Our hair is representative of our beauty and femininity, and ultimately makes us feel alive, confident and desirable. This is why hair loss in women can be especially traumatic. While not every woman suffers from hair loss, chances are that we’ve all grown to adopt a specific beauty regimen for our hair, whether that involves going to the salon every month for dying, bleaching, straightening, chemical alterations or replacing our hair extensions.


The Science Behind the Theradome LH80 PRO

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In 1965, a Hungarian physician named Dr. Endre Mester accidentally discovered that shining low-level laser light on shaven mice grew their fur back quicker. Little did he know that his unintended findings would one day become the core of a worldwide laser hair therapy phenomenon.


How Many Hairs Do We Lose a Day?

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Have you been frowning lately, glancing at your shower drain or comb, wondering if your number of lost hairs is increasing? Yes, it’s perfectly normal to lose a certain number of hairs per day. But how much is too much? When should you start looking into hair growth treatments, such as laser hair therapy? Even if you aren’t concerned with hair loss now, laser hair therapy is the only hair growth treatment with no side effects that can also be used as a preventative measure, especially if your relatives are showing signs of androgenetic alopecia– otherwise known as genetic baldness. So back to the question at hand– how many hairs do we normally lose a day, and when should you start taking preventative measures, if any?