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Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been proven through hundreds of clinical studies to be effective at preventing and treating hair loss. So guess what– the best thing you can do for your hair and scalp is start using the most powerful, technologically-advanced, effective, affordable and convenient at-home LLLT device on the market today: the Theradome LH80 PRO


How Does the Theradome Prevent Hair Loss?

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Laser hair therapy is well known (and well documented!) for treating hair loss effectively, provided a device is engineered with top-notch standards. Did you know, however, that you could also put the odds in your favor and prevent hair loss before its dreadful signs even begin to show? To know why and how, you have to understand how the hair growth cycle functions. A healthy growth cycle consists of three phases: the active phase, called anagen; the transitional phase, called catagen; and the resting phase, called telogen.


Four Steps Guaranteed to Revamp Your Scalp & Hair

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No matter what type of hair you have– curly, straight, wavy, thin or thick– it all begins with the scalp. Think of your head as a garden. No matter what types of vegetables you’re cultivating, you need rich, healthy soil to grow your plants and collect your harvest. You may get confused if you begin to notice problems, such as excessive dryness, oiliness or dandruff and start trying to treat your hair without obtaining results. Beware: you need to get down to the root of the problem– in this case your scalp– to rid your hair of ͞unattractive problems͟ such as flaking. i


Comparing the Results of 4 Different Hair Growth Treatments

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Losing hair is never fun, so seeing your thick mane begin to wither might cause you to enter into panic mode. You may start researching hair growth treatments with frenzy and easily become frustrated with the plethora of information you’re bound to come across: which hair growth treatments should you use? Which ones are more effective? Which ones will give you a larger increase of hair growth?


The Twelve LPT Ways of Christmas

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The time for giving and receiving is quickly approaching... Are you in the midst of scribbling and trying to finalize your Christmas present list? Are you stuck somewhere? Or are you tired of buying the newest plasma TV, laptop, iPad, or i-whatever else? Have no fear. This year you can literary put the BEST gift under the tree. Whether it’s for your mother, grandmother, father, uncle, or significant other suffering from hair loss, or for your younger niece/daughter who takes hours to do her hair and make-up in the bathroom, you can give them something that NOTHING ELSE on the market can provide: a thick head of healthy hair with the world’s most technologically advanced Laser Phototherapy (LPT) device.


Hair Restoration Surgery with Laser Hair Therapy

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Thinking about embarking on hair restoration quest with laser hair therapy? Great. Does your scalp have any shiny blotches, spots, or scars? Regardless of whether there’s only one, glossy, sparkling area or a buffered appearance is gradually invading your entire head, it’s bad news. Your hair follicles have become buried underneath a layer of skin due to an increased production of epidermal growth factor (EGF). Fear not: as in with all things in life, problems can often be overcome with the right approach.