To Cover or Not to Cover? That is the Question

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It’s likely that everyone reading this article has or will have a scalp issue at some point in life. It's one of those you're-not-alone things, because everything from dandruff to hair loss is super common, yet we often don't feel comfortable talking about it. Too many people suffer from easily treatable conditions quietly. Let’s face it, no one likes walking around with thinning hair. Whether the central parting of your hair is widening, or your forehead appears a bit larger than in last year’s family photos, it can be difficult to stand in front of the mirror and wonder if others will notice as well. So what do you do? Wear a hat, a wig, a head scarf? Should you try to cover up thinning hair?


Proof-of-Progress: Before & After PhotoS

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Beginning your hair restoration journey with Theradome is easy. Twenty minutes, twice a week sessions is all you need to reverse your hair loss. Although performing laser hair growth treatments at home as you sit back, read a good book or catch up on your favorite TV show sounds pretty straightforward, one thing that is commonly overlooked is documenting your progress. We’re talking about incorporating clinical photography as part of laser hair therapy and, most importantly, taking progress pictures the correct way.


Get Sexy Hair! Top 5 Hair Growth Tips

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Who says you can’t get your over 40 hair to be as sexy as it was when you were 20? Beautiful hair can be achieved with a little TLC, patience, and a few trade secrets. Check out these Top 5 hair growth tips to get your hair growing thicker and healthier. 1. Fact or fiction; over-washing hurts your hair? Over washing your hair every day strips it of its natural oils.


Does Laser Hair Therapy Stop the Production of DHT?

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If you’re losing hair, you’re probably wondering why. Doing research is frustrating and might be confusing with lots of medical terms thrown around you. You might have started to link the presence of something called “DHT” with hair loss. So should you consider DHT when researching your options for treating hair loss? And does laser hair therapy stop the production of DHT? In short, the answer is no. But that actually works to your advantage. And here’s why.


Are you a Good Candidate for the Theradome Laser Helmet?

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Congratulations! You’ve just made the decision to embark on a journey to restore your hair using an effective, clinically proven, 100% natural solution for hair loss. Yes, we’re referring to laser hair therapy. Even better, you’ve chosen to reverse hair loss with the Theradome laser helmet, the most powerful device out on the market today. So let’s cut to the chase: are you a good candidate for the Theradome? How do you know?


Does Laser Hair Therapy Cause Shedding?

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There are some rumors out there that claim that laser hair therapy causes shedding. If you’ve been reluctant trying out this revolutionary, 100% natural technology, we’re here to put your mind at ease. Regardless of what you may have heard or read, laser hair therapy does NOT cause shedding. And here’s why.