Your Hair During Pregnancy

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A new year is approaching our doorstep and one of your resolutions might be to start a family with your partner. Have you noticed that pregnant women typically have thick, luxurious locks and seem to have the best hair days of their lives? Why do ladies have thicker, healthier hair during pregnancy and what happens after they give birth? Can you undergo laser hair growth therapy while being pregnant? What about when you’re nursing?


Is Diabetes Causing You to Lose Hair?

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On top of this, the healing process for diabetics takes much more time than for healthy individuals. This means that anagen hair (which belongs to the growth phase) ends up being deprived of energy and can never really blossom. In other words, your scalp suffers from a compromised hair growth cycle. Keep in mind that regardless of your health, you can strengthen your hair follicles with the Theradome. And don’t forget that laser hair growth therapy has also been clinically proven to shift hair in the anagen phase, which prevents hair loss.


Get Rid of Witch’s Hair

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Halloween is right around the corner and it looks like we have the perfect look to celebrate the occasion: our hair has become the ideal accessory for the spooky witch’s costume that’s been collecting dust in our closet for the past decade. This was never part of our plan. Our hair has become brittle, fragile and is thinning excessively. What happened? Why does our hair look like it belongs on a witch’s head? And what can we do about it?



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September is Menopause Awareness Month, so now is a good time to look at ways to make menopause more of a positive experience. The average age of U.S. women at the time of menopause is 51 years old and over 50% of women report hair loss by age 50, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re all aware of the more common side effects of menopause: mood swings, depression, skin dryness, loss of libido and hot flashes, but what comes as a shock to most women is when their usually healthy hair unexpectedly starts thinning out.


Are your hair follicles flourishing?

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What is a hair follicle anyway? The word follicle is derived from the Latin word follis, which means bag. Hair follicles are tiny sacs lined by skin cells where hair grows and oil glands open. On a healthy scalp, 90% of the follicles are growing hair at any one time. Larger hair follicles grow thicker hair, and smaller hair follicles grow thinner hair. Unhealthy or aging follicles shrink, can become dormant or sadly, die. Once they die, it’s not possible for them to come back to life so let’s explore how to keep them alive.


To Cover or Not to Cover? That is the Question

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It’s likely that everyone reading this article has or will have a scalp issue at some point in life. It's one of those you're-not-alone things, because everything from dandruff to hair loss is super common, yet we often don't feel comfortable talking about it. Too many people suffer from easily treatable conditions quietly. Let’s face it, no one likes walking around with thinning hair. Whether the central parting of your hair is widening, or your forehead appears a bit larger than in last year’s family photos, it can be difficult to stand in front of the mirror and wonder if others will notice as well. So what do you do? Wear a hat, a wig, a head scarf? Should you try to cover up thinning hair?