Make the Most Out of Your Theradome Sessions

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Do you wish to reverse thinning hair, thicken your locks, prevent hair loss and grow hair faster? We all love to sport beautiful, lavish locks, which is why many of us have embraced laser hair regrowth therapy into our lives. And what better way to thicken your hair than with the comfortable and convenient Theradome LH80 PRO? But just like your hair needs some TLC, so does your Theradome helmet. Here are three easy tips to ensure your Theradome stays in prime condition and continues to beautify you and your hair for years to come!


Top Three Reasons Why You Should Never Miss Your Annual OB-GYN Exam

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Did you know that January is Cervical Health Awareness Month? Have you made your annual OB-GYN appointment yet? There’s no need to dread your annual visit. As most health problems go, early detection means effective treatment! So why is it so important to visit your gynecologist every year? And how is hair loss in women tied in with your annual exam?


Deluxe Hair in the New Year!

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Are you getting bored with your hair? Do you often find yourself doing a double take when a woman walks by with gorgeous, bouncy hair? Only to realize a few minutes later that once again, your hair has gone flat? With 2017 right around the corner, it’s time to put these worries behind: the right hair growth treatments and habits can go a long way. So kick off the New Year with three hair resolutions that will glam up your locks and leave you with nothing short of luxurious and glossy!


Shopping for New Hair

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Don’t we all love shopping, especially around Christmas time?! You stroll into a store, glance at clothes, electronic gadgets and books, then ring up your gifts. End of story. Unfortunately, things aren’t quite as simple when shopping for products designed to add luxurious length and thickness to your tresses.


How to Keep Your Sexy Ski Bunny Hair on the Slopes

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Winter has arrived. For many of us, that means the arrival of ski season. Whether this has become an annual tradition for you, or this is your first time hitting the slopes with friends, family or a partner, did you know that all of that skiing and related activities could damage your locks? How do you keep your “sexy ski bunny hair” throughout the ski season, and how can laser hair growth therapy help?


Pump Up Your Hair With Exercise!

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When we think of ‘Tis the season to be doing something, we don’t usually think of exercising. Aren’t Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve a glorious time of cheers, celebration, gift exchange, eating, relaxing and traveling to see family? Sure, but there are plenty of reasons why you may want to include a quick daily walk or jog around the neighborhood in the upcoming holiday season – and that includes hair regrowth. Here’s how your locks can reap the benefits of working out during the holiday season.