Top Eight Benefits of Wearing a Laser Helmet

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So you (think) you know what laser hair therapy is all about. Women and men who experience hair thinning can wear a laser helmet to essentially reverse hair loss. While this is very true, did you know there are many other ways you can benefit from laser hair therapy? Whether you’re interested in glamming up your hair, think that you could always use more hair, or styling your curls has become a bit of a battle, read on! Your Theradome laser helmet is on its way to the rescue!


Don’t Let the Blues Weigh Your Hair Down

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Depending on where you live, winter months can often appear dark and gloomy: cold weather, rain, snow, clouds and no sunlight. A lack of sunlight can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression. Did you know that SAD affects about 10 million Americans? And can lead to a plethora of health problems – including hair loss?


Is Heart Disease Connected to Hair Loss?

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It’s well known that some medical conditions affect hair loss in women and men, but did you know that heart disease can be linked to hair loss? In honor of Heart Disease Awareness month, let’s take a look at the connection between heart problems, hair loss and hair regrowth solutions.


Maintain Your Locks in Your Busy Life

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You know how it works: you’re trying to integrate a new beauty habit in your life and are having problems. For instance, if you’re struggling with thinning hair, your physician might recommend applying a hair loss serum every night or offer to treat you with laser hair therapy in his office. Sticking to a beauty routine then starts to interfere with the many duties of your very busy life.


Top Five Causes of Hair Loss in Women

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Is your hair thinning out? Are you wondering how much hair you should be shedding daily? Should you look into hair growth treatments? It really comes down to what is causing your hair loss. Let’s take a look at five common causes of hair loss in women, how to deal with thinning hair, and when to incorporate the Theradome laser helmet into your weekly beauty regimen.


Make the Most Out of Your Theradome Sessions

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Do you wish to reverse thinning hair, thicken your locks, prevent hair loss and grow hair faster? We all love to sport beautiful, lavish locks, which is why many of us have embraced laser hair regrowth therapy into our lives. And what better way to thicken your hair than with the comfortable and convenient Theradome LH80 PRO? But just like your hair needs some TLC, so does your Theradome helmet. Here are three easy tips to ensure your Theradome stays in prime condition and continues to beautify you and your hair for years to come!