The Perfect Energy Dose For Laser Hair Therapy

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Laser hair therapy is just like any other type of medication, except that it’s a natural solution to hair loss with no harmful side effects. If you become ill and pay your doctor a visit, he/she may prescribe a precise dose of medicine to remedy whatever symptoms you are experiencing. The same concept applies to laser hair growth treatments.


How Long Should You Continue Using Theradome?

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Investing in laser hair restoration by purchasing the ultramodern, FDA-cleared, and revolutionary Theradome LH80 PRO helmet is the best decision you can make to fight hair loss. It’s time to reclaim what you deserve to have: the full head of thick, healthy hair you’ve been picturing while standing in front of the mirror. And what better way is there for your mirror to stop projecting your dreams and start reflecting reality than to start hair loss treatment at home?


Why Does Inflammation Cause Hair Loss?

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So you’ve finally made the excellent decision to start at home hair loss treatment sessions by investing in the Theradome LH80 PRO. No more messy creams, no more visits to hair restoration clinics….pressing the button of your laser hair growth helmet twice-a-week is all you need to do for your laser hair therapy to work at its best. Right? Wrong.


Is Laser Hair Therapy Safe for your Eyes?

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Laser eye therapy and laser hair therapy differ by one word, and both are intended to correct either vision or hair loss. We wouldn’t recommend using a surgical laser on your scalp. What about the other way around? Can staring into a Theradome Laser Helmet damage your eyesight?


What's the Deal with Shiny Scalps?

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The adjectives “shiny”, “luminous” and “bright” may be quite desirable when referring to what’s underneath your scalp, (a.k.a.– your intelligent brain), but alas, the words might betray you when referring to what’s above.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Unless you’ve been living in an indigenous tribe in Papua Guinea, you’ve heard of the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” many times before, and chances are you’ll hear it even more in the future. In the case of Theradome Laser Hair Therapy, nothing could be truer.