Theradome™ Frequently Asked Questions


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Will I benefit from using Theradome™?

In our clinical studies ALL participants benefited from the Theradome™ and experienced one or more of the following: 1) Thicker and more manageable hair, 2) Reduced hair loss, and 3) New hair growth after three to four months. We know it works, that's why we guarantee that you'll see great results.

How long will it be until I see results?

  1. After 18-24 weeks (two - twenty minutes per treatment)
    1. Cleaner, more manageable hair.
    2. Less hair in the shower and on pillows.
    3. Larger hair shafts appear.
    4. Improved luster and fuller body.
    5. Decreased oiliness.
  2. After 26-50 weeks (two - twenty minutes per treatment)
    1. Thicker and longer hair.
    2. Healthier scalp.
    3. Reduced scalp itching and inflammation.
    4. Enhanced curl retention for curly hair.
  3. After 52-80 weeks (two - twenty minutes per treatment)
    1. Hairs on the top of the head and the vertex will start filling in.
  4. After 100 weeks (two - twenty minutes per treatment)
    1. Fuller and thicker hair will result with continued use.

How long will I need to continue treatment?

Laser hair therapy is similar to exercise, you have to keep it up to continue to enjoy the benefits. Once you get the results you want, we recommend a slightly reduced treatment schedule every five days or so.

Are there any potential side effects from using the Theradome™?

There are no side effects from using the Theradome™, and the FDA has validated this. Our product has zero side effects, unlike almost every other type of hair loss treatment.

How do I use the Theradome™?

It's very easy. The product has a simple one button operation and it uses audio commands to let you know if the battery is low, how many treatments you have done since the purchase of your Theradome™ , how many minutes are left in the session, and if there any technical issues.

Is the Theradome™ FDA cleared?

Yes. On June 14th, the Theradome™ became the only wearable device in the world to be FDA-cleared for over the counter use. Our official FDA clearance letter can be seen on the FDA website:

Does it work for both men and women?

The Theradome™ is presently cleared for women, and Theradome™ has submitted FDA paperwork for clearance for men. While Theradome™ can only market the Theradome™ for women at this time we are still able to accept orders from anyone.

Why do you target only women in your ads?

The Theradome™ is presently only FDA cleared for women.

When will you have FDA clearance for men?

We are expecting FDA clearance for men by mid-2014

Can I use my Theradome™ to thicken my hair?

Yes, the Theradome™ has been reported to more than double the thickness, girth and density of hair follicles after only four weeks of usage

How do I determine if the Theradome™ laser helmet is right for me?

Our Theradome™ laser helmet is designed to work with all stages of hair loss but the earlier one starts treating, the better the outcome. There are several scales to help determine the stages in women's hair loss. The most common, the Savin Scale, measures overall thinning as well as density. For men, the Norwood scale is the most common scale for determining the stages of hair loss. Please see below which stages best fits your situation:

Medical Questions

Can I use the Theradome along with other treatments such as Rogaine, Propecia (finasteride) or, Dutasteride?

Yes, if you do not suffer from side effects, you can benefit greatly from our products and your hair recovery will be even more rapid than just taking the pills alone. Please note that women cannot take Propecia (finasteride) or Dutasteride.

Can I use it if I have had a hair transplant?

We are already in discussions with many transplant physicians to provide the Theradome™ to their patients. It works very well with pre-op patients and with those who are 30 days post-transplant. Transplants cause trauma to the nearby hairs. Our product will alleviate this and assist the growth of newly planted follicles by: accelerating the healing process; reducing redness and decreasing discomfort; and encouraging transplanted hairs to grow faster.

Will this help with my other dermatitis and itching?

Some patients have reported positive results using the Theradome™ as this is designed to reduce inflammation of the scalp - the root cause of Dermatitis and itching. Please note that the FDA has not cleared us for this and we cannot market it for these conditions.

Is it ever too early to use the Theradome?

No, it is never too early to use the Theradome™ laser helmet, as it helps with the various stages of hair loss and will volumize your hair, even if you are just thinning and haven't yet experienced major hair loss.

What is the difference between Laser and LED for hair growth?

Laser light is "coherent" light, meaning it is highly focused. LED light isn't focused - it is similar to a light bulb. LED lights have no proven clinical effect on hair loss whatsoever.

Why is the Theradome a better option than a laser comb or laser hood?

Not only is the Theradome™ more convenient, but our eighty lasers will penetrate the scalp more than combing your hair for twenty minutes will. The Theradome™ has rubber pegs which are designed to part the hair, to ensure that the maximum scalp area is exposed.

I am 22 and my mother and/or dad are bald, can I prevent hair-loss?

Yes, it is much easier to prevent hair loss than it is to re-activate the dormant hair follicles. By using our Theradome™, you will reverse any potential miniaturization of the follicles. As a result, the follicles will continue to receive nutrients from the blood supply and the hair will continue to grow.


The Laser Helmet

How do I charge my Theradome™?

The Theradome™ comes with a rechargeable battery which can be charged via the charge cradle. We recommend leaving the laser helmet on the charging cradle when not in use.

How long does it take to charge the Theradome™?

The Theradome™ fully charges in 3 hours or less.

How long can I use the Theradome™ without charging it?

Most users can expect between five to ten treatments between charges.

How many times per week should I use the Theradome™?

We recommend twice a week for twenty minutes.

When is the best time to use the Theradome™?

The ideal time is right after a shower, after towel drying the hair. You should, comb your hair out of the way to allow the Theradome™ to fully bathe your scalp with laser light.  We do not recommend doing treatments on soaking wet hair.

Can I use the Theradome™ every day?

Treatments were cleared by the FDA for twice a week usage and we recommend following this regimen.  However, we have had patients use the product every day with absolutely no side effects and excellent results. 

Will the lasers reach my scalp if I have a somewhat full head of hair?

Our Theradome™ has 80 lasers and has a build-in hair parting mechanism to allow parting of thicker hair. We recommend that you use your Theradome™ after you get out of the shower.

How much does the Theradome™ weigh?

It weighs slightly less than 16 ounces and is very comfortable to wear.

I'm worried that the Theradome won't fit my head. Do I need to worry about the size of the helmet?

The Theradome has been designed to fit 98% of the population! The 2% with size issues are generally those with smaller heads. For those customers, we provide foam pads to ensure a correct fit. So no matter what your head size is, you can order your Theradome with confidence that it will fit comfortably.

Are you developing a Theradome app? What will it be able to do?

Our iPhone/Android app will be able to do everything from scheduling your laser treatments in a user-friendly calendar with a timer, to uploading progress photos taken with your smartphone camera to your physician or any forums you are part of. It will even be able to track the types of shampoo you use, which medications you use, and log your overall progress. We believe that this tool will be useful in achieving your hair health goals.

Care, Housekeeping & Day-to-Day Usage

How do I clean my Theradome?

The Theradome™ can be cleaned by simply wiping the inside and outside with a cloth to remove any oils or residue. You do not need a special cleaner.

Is there any danger from the lasers?

The Theradome™ has a three step safety system, which makes it impossible for the lasers to ever shine into your eyes. This makes the product totally safe.

What is the best way to pack my Theradome when I travel?

We have an optional carrying case which keeps the Theradome™ safe while traveling and keeps the cradle charger and other accessories together.

Can I share the Theradome with others in my household?

Yes, the Theradome™ can be used by multiple members of the family, but the counter will count the total number of treatments for everyone that has been treated by the laser helmet – it cannot differentiate between users.

What type of shampoo should I use while using the Theradome?

We recommend shampooing with medicated shampoo to clean the hair and reduce inflammation of the scalp.

Should I shampoo every day?

We recommend shampooing every 2 or three days.

Are conditioners useful?

While shampoos are designed for the scalp, conditioners are designed for the hair. You can use any conditioner that works for your hair.


Shipping, Delivery & Warranty

Will you ship to countries outside of the US?

Yes, we will soon publish information and pricing for international shipping.

Is the electrical adapter for the laser helmet compatible with all international electrical outlets?

Our electrical products are UL-Listed and manufactured in compliance with U.S. standards and can operate in electrical outlets between 100-240V (50 Hz /60 Hz). 

For orders outside of the United States what is included in the shipping charge that I paid?

The shipping charge paid by customers with shipping addresses outside of the U.S. covers the cost of shipping only. Customers with shipping addresses outside of the U.S. are solely responsible for all duties, import taxes and brokerage fees. These are not included in the cost of shipping or handling of your order. Customs, duties, and taxes vary widely from country to country; please check with your local customs agency for details on estimated costs. Customs, duty, and taxes are non-refundable: so if you refuse a shipment because of unexpected import fees, the cost of the original shipping, any brokerage/customs/duty/taxes, and any return shipping charges will not be refunded

When will my Theradome pre-order be shipped?

Any new Theradome pre-orders will be shipped from our fulfillment center between 7 to 14 days from the date the pre-order is placed. 


How long is the warranty?

We have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty on all laser helmets purchased; this covers any issues with the device. This does not cover accidental damage or misuse.

What is the difference between Warranty and Extended Warranty?

We offer an optional 3-year extended warranty that covers you against any accidental damage or technical fault. This warranty is a "no questions asked policy;" we will exchange your Theradome™ device with a new unit if it fails for any reason.

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